Westfield Soccer Association

Beyond the X’s and O’s

Weekly Email 4/13/2016



The text for my weekly email this week will be very short as I plan to direct you to a great podcast worth listening to. In training and coaching most of our efforts are focused on the X’s and O’s to help develop our players, the team and eventually help make our teams more competitive. Improving the technical skills of our players is most certainly very important. Helping our players gain a better understanding of the principles of play will most definitely help improve their overall tactical awareness.


However, the relationships we form with our players and the way we communicate with our players have a huge impact on the overall development of these same players as well. Do your players trust you? Are they confident enough in their own skills? Do you value you your players for who they are as an athlete alone or also as a person? All of those questions are important questions to ask yourselves as they certainly will help you better understand why players behave the way they do and quite often why they maybe over or under perform at times.


Below a link to a coaches’ blog, run by a football coach. In this specific episode he talks to John O’Sullivan founder of the Changing the Game Project.

Building Your Player’s Confidence with John O’Sullivan


I would recommend you all take some time to listen to this podcast as I’m sure you will hear a few very valuable things you can take with you as you look to improve yourself as a coach.




Ruben Vloedgraven

Director of Coaching - Westfield Soccer Association