Westfield Soccer Association

Video - Principles of Play

Weekly Coaches' Email 10/14/14

On many occasions over the last few weeks I have mentioned to you through email, or in a clinic or in a conversation that players need to learn to play the game based on the principles of play. I have even shared an article with you all that I have written to hopefully explain this a lot better to all of you. 
We all want our players to be able to make decisions on the ball without needing our guidance from the sideline. It is very important that our players from an early age on are exposed to situations in which they are forced to decide what to on the ball and off the ball.
Please understand that this takes a long time for players to understand. We have to be very patient, understand that they will make mistakes along the way and that we should encourage them to keep trying. 
I understand that some struggle to understand the basic principles of play, which will make it a lot harder to recognize what to teach to young players. I found a great video from US Youth Soccer that will explain the principles using game situations. When you have some time please watch the video as I'm certain it will give you information that you can use as a coach.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Ruben Vloedgraven
Director of Coaching - Westfield Soccer Association