Westfield Soccer Association

Week 3 Curriculum


Fun of Soccer Week III (U-5 Curriculum)                                    9-26-2015

Warm up: Between Pirate Ships, Red-Light and Green Light, and Red Rover, you should have three solid activities that activate all of the previous weeks fun learning.

By now, the points of emphasis should be:

-Heads up; see the field while dribbling the ball

-In more space, bigger touches to go faster

-In less space, smaller touches for more control of the ball and to turn the ball quicker

-Using all surfaces of both feet to dribble the ball

-Turning the ball away from trouble (defenders)

For the first fifteen to twenty minutes, these three activities should be used

Cone Man the Barbarian (next ten to twelve minutes)

Directions: Do you have a good Ahhnold voice? Cone man is the coach! You go around trying to place a cone either on a person’s head or their ball (use your best judgment). All you really need is either a good AHHHNOLD voice or think Hans and Franz of SNL Players have soccer balls and start by dribbling the ball in the grid; coaches have cones and are the Coneman/Conewomen the Barbarians.

  •  After the players are dribbling for 5-10 seconds, the barbarians come into the grid with a cone and try and place a cone on top of the ball or on their head (use your judgement!). If this happens, the player is frozen until another player (not yet frozen) passes a ball through the frozen player’s legs.

With a little bit of creativity from the coaches, the players will get maximum fun out of this game! Coaches can lower/raise their efforts to get maximum effort from the players. Players should recognize they are close to being coned and need to turn/cut away quickly or risk being frozen. Give players the opportunity to succeed several times before they are coned.

  • If you are using disc cones, maybe throw them Frisbee style and see if the players can react quickly enough.
  • If you are using some of the big triangle cones, they will actually pick up the ball (it’s kind of funny)
  • Once the players have an idea, maybe 2-3 of them can become the barbarians and some of the coaches can move around the grid with a ball and demonstrate some ways to keep their heads up and turn away or avoid danger while dribbling a ball.
  • Recruit the parents and have one barbarian for every player (this is pressure increased)
  • Why not play team versus team – Give five players cones and keep 5 players with soccer ball- let them play!
  • Play left foot only or right foot only. What do you think?


See also- The Gauntlet and Angry Rhino Chaser- Look both of these over and if there are questions on either of these, see John twenty minutes prior to the start of your session. Have a good week! John, Alex & Scott