Westfield Soccer Association

Congratulations to the 2018 Recipients of the WSA College Scholarship

The Westfield Soccer Association (“Club”) is proud to announce the recipients of our 2018 College Scholarship Awards. Each year the Westfield Soccer Club solicits nominations, from our Coaches and Board Members, of Graduating High School Seniors that are model Players & Members of our Club’s Mission.

Now, in it’s 5th year, the WSA Scholarship Program has another exemplary group of young members being recognized for their contribution to our Club and Community. Congratulations to Chris Beaulieu (University of Maryland), Andrew Eliades (High Point University), Graham Studwell (Virginia Tech) and Matt Cetlin (Fordham University).

Scholarship nominees must be current active members of at least one of the Club’s Programs (FC Premier, Inter County, Referee and/or “Westfield Winners”) and are required to write an essay explaining how they have become a better person through their participation in Soccer and our Club.    All four of the 2018 recipients participated in at least two of our programs during High School and their essays reflect a well-balanced approach to sport and life.

The below quotes were both inspirational and reassuring to the WSA Committee & Board that we are promoting a healthy culture and environment within our Club. 

· “The lesson I have learned over my years of playing soccer has been to accept my failures and to move past them eager to correct them”

· “After learning to accept my failures and build off them I have improved my grades, and have built up a resilience that cannot be easily shaken“

· I was always on the quiet-side, but as I developed my soccer skills, I became more confident in myself as a person all around, and felt more comfortable in social situations”

· “I realize now that the most crucial characteristic of a great team is their ability to work together………no matter the quality of the player, you cannot win games alone”

· “Teaching soccer to special needs children showed me that the game could provide a healthy and caring outlet for children that often found it hard to fit in at school or in organized sports.  Being a Soccer Buddy, I was able to support these children and share my passion for the game.”

Good luck, not only to our Scholarship recipients but, to the Westfield Soccer Club’s class of 2018. We hope that your next phase in life is another successful one within your life journey.