Westfield Soccer Association

2017 InterCounty Uniform Purchase

Every few years, InterCounty is required to switch to a newer Uniform Kit, due to availability.

All InterCounty players will be required to purchase new Uniforms for the Fall 2017 season.

In order to minimize duplicate uniform numbers, we are requesting that each player purchase

their uniform using the login associated with their Division.  As in the past, InterCounty does not

allow players to select their uniform numbers, as Registration happens in advance of Team formation.

If you have multiple children, there is currently no way to group orders.  However, if you email Soccer Post at mattkarsh@soccerpost.com, with the details of your orders, they will credit your shipping for one of the orders.

Please visit the online store at the following address:


Then use your specific division as your username, and the westfield as the password.

Login information for each division is shown in the table below.

Online Store Login Information
Division Username Password
U10 Boys u10boys westfield
U10 Girls u10girls westfield
U12 Boys u12boys westfield
U12 Girls u12girls westfield
U14 Boys u14boys westfield
U14 Girls u14girls westfield
U16 Boys u16boys westfield
U16 Girls u16girls westfield
U18 Boys u18boys westfield
U18 Girls u18girls westfield
U19 Boys u19boys westfield
U19 Girls u19girls westfield


Uniform Support Email: support@teamuniformorders.com