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Opportunity for all Travel Coaches

NJ State F and E licenses being offered in Westfield! Sign up now before it fills up!


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We are hosting an “F” Coaching Course August 18-19, 2017 and want to encourage our new coaches to participate.This is a nine-hour course designed for coaching players from 5-11 years old that combines a classroom theory segment with a field practical session.  The course focuses on methods used in teaching the techniques of dribbling, shooting, passing and receiving, heading, defending, and goalkeeping. Focus is on fun, repetition, and the use of small-sided games.  It contains practical first aid and criteria for running a safe and healthy program.  The course is a requirement for all volunteer travel level coaches as it also meets the NJ State Little League Law N.J.S.A. 2A:62 6 et seq.  The minimum age requirement to be eligible to take this course is 14 years old.

Registration is currently open online.  Please click 
http://bit.ly/2kbeAaj to register.  Space is limited!  When registering for a course, first check to ensure you have turned on (enabled) your browsers pop up blocker: otherwise you will be directed to a “wallet” (similar to a Paypal pop up program) and you will not actually be registered for the course.

In addition,

You are all well aware that to be able to coach or assist with a travel team you need to have at least your F license. All of you have taken part in a f license course and know that there is value to the course, but there is only so much they can address in the time you are given with that course. Through numerous efforts we are continuing to provide you with opportunities to continue to grow and evolve as a coach. For that reason we as a club have decided to host an E state course in Westfield this coming July. This course will build on what is addressed in the F course and this course can help us all become better coaches. This course also takes place on a Friday night and a Saturday am, much like the F license course.

The course will take place in Westfield on Friday July 14th and Saturday July 15th.Normally NJ Youth Soccer opens these courses up to anyone who wants to register, but that won't happen till February 20th. After the 20th of February the course will be opened up to others outside of our association. This is a great opportunity for all to take this course, in Westfield, so if you are able to make this work I highly recommend you check if you can fit it in your schedule.

Below the link you can use to register,


If anyone has any questions about this course please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Ruben Vloedgraven
Director of Coaching - Westfield Soccer Association